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Gastronomic campaigns

La Garoinada
The Garoinada (Sea Urchin Dish) is one of the best-known gastronomic campaigns in the Girona regions and has the longest tradition. It started in 1992 and the main produce is the sea urchin. Garoines are sea urchins, and their spiny black shell hides five delicious strips of orange-coloured flesh. The period...
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Olla de Peix
THE ALCHEMY OF THE EMPORDÀ BURNERS From end to end of the Catalan coast you will find a splendid repertory of dishes based on fish, while the plain is rich in crops, vegetables, vineyards and olive trees which blend with the generous variety of fish offered up by the sea. Only here will you find the culinary...
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Pals and its rice cuisine
The rice-growing tradition of Pals has been documented since medieval times. The proximity and excellent quality of this product has led to many dishes being based on the rice of Pals. A perfect time to taste it cooked in very different ways is in the town of Pals itself in the months of March and April....
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Salted Cod and Dried Cod Cuisine
With the arrival of Lent, we find a lot of cod on restaurant menus, which has been a very important food product for centuries and continues to be so. Dried cod or peixopalo was introduced into this area at Sant Feliu de Guíxols Port. This food was greatly appreciated by sailors and cork stopper makers during the...
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Earthenware Cuisine
The collaboration between restaurants and cake shops is shown in “La Cuina de la Terrissa” (Earthenware Cuisine) Gastronomic Workshop, which coincides with the “Artesana”, La Bisbal’s handcraft and pottery trade fair. During the campaign, visitors can try out Brunyols from the Empordà region and enjoy the dishes,...
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Granny's Recipes
To coincide with AnticEmpordà, a trade fair dealing with the world of antiquities, restaurants and cake shops in La Bisbal d'Empordà come together to offer “Granny’s Recipes” Gastronomic Workshop, based on the broad offer of former, traditional cuisine. Tasting the typical, traditional Brunyols from the Empordà...
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The many species of rock fish are used to make a variety of dishes that are simple but refined and have exquisite flavours. The town of Begur has a long culinary tradition in this speciality. The municipality’s rugged coastline, with its coves and cliffs, is an ideal habitat for these fishes. In April, May...
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Snail Cuisine
Snails are recognised as one of the typical products in Catalan cuisine. In Mont-ras , cooking snails has been a deeply-rooted tradition for a long time and therefore the restaurants in the town offer a menu based on snails throughout the month of April : snails in sauce, roasted or served with cold meat....
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Blue fish Ganxó
The protagonist of this campaign is blue fish. Horse mackerels, sardines, anchovies and mackerels, among others, can be tasted in many different ways. Some of the ways we can find these fish made or prepared are combined with rice, pickled in brines or marinade, in fish stews, etc. Each participating...
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The Prawn menu
SUCK THE HEAD AND LICK YOUR FINGERS! From the most hidden depths of the Mediterranean, concealed from the fishermen, our prawns display their red, vivacious bodies in the auctions and markets. Eagerly looked forward to for months by their suitors — fishermen, restaurant owners and gourmets— they are offered...
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Appetisers from the sea
L’Estartit is a modern coastal town which still preserves its fishing tradition, and it reflects this in its cooking. The aroma and the sea products also reach Torroella de Montgrí. The campaign offers a first course based on a selection of shellfish: cockles, clams, snails, razor-shells, mussels, etc.,...
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Apples in the kitchen
If there exists a fruit that stands out due to its multiple gastronomic uses, it is, undoubtedly, the apple, and the autumn is the apple season. The restaurateurs in Torroella de Montgrí- L'Estartit offer you a new emphasis on quality and flavour: the gastronomic workshop of the apple in cooking, held in October...
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Game and wild mushroom cuisine
In the mountains of L’Ardenya and Les Gavarres, different kinds of wild animals and game are found, which are used by the chefs in the municipality of Santa Cristina d’Aro to offer an excellent sample of the most typical Catalan dishes, such as wild boar stew with black chocolate or rabbit stewed with wild...
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The Langoustine Menú
HOLY LANGOUSTINE! It is said that there are langoustines in New Zealand, also in Japan, Africa, the Atlantic and the Caribbean. The people of Catalonia call them escamarlans.  In Italy, in a playful tone, they are known as scampo and for academics, their scientific name is Nerphrops Norvegicus....
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Es Niu
During this well-known campaign, which is held in Palafrugell at the end of October and the beginning of November, the casserole called el niu (‘the nest’) can be tasted in various restaurants of the municipal district. It is a typical local winter dish, which the cork cutters of Palafrugell used to eat on...
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Cooking with salted sardines
This is a traditional culinary preparation that consists of a  sardine  salted in  brine. The restaurants in Sant Feliu de Guíxols invite you to taste several dishes made using this product during November . Herring terrine, herrings with baby haricot beans or with escalivada (baked aubergine,...
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Time for sea urchins
In Sant Feliu de Guíxols sea urchins are known as uriços. For three months (From December to February), they are the main protagonist of tasting dishes, main courses or canapés in the town restaurants. To finish the campaign, there is a traditional sea urchin meal put on for everyone. Tourist office of...
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