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The cuisine of the Baix Empordà is a reflection of its territory: the sea provides the excellent fish and seafood so typical of the cooking of the coast; the plain gives the produce of the field, the market gardens and the fruit orchards, and from the hills we receive meat, cheese and wild fruits and mushrooms....
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Gastronomic campaigns
Throughout the year, seventeen gastronomic campaigns are held in the district, each one at the time of year when the product in question is in ideal conditions for eating. Coordinated by the municipalities, each campaign involves a large number of local restaurants that take part in it by offering a set menu...
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Baix Empordà Gastronomic Areas
Enjoy the activities offered in the gastronòmic areas in our region. -  Empordà Gastronomy School: is an open centre where new initiatives can be generated and where professionals can come together and pool their knowledge. It also brings the world of professional cooking into contact with the general...
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Our restaurants
 “...Not only have there always been good cooks and people who have taken an interest in cooking, but there have also been surprising novelties. Working from ancient formulas, the people of the country have created certain innovations of  great originality, which are worthy of being highlighted and...
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“Productes de l’Empordà” brand
The “Productes de l’Empordà” (Empordà Products) brand was created as a result of the desire of the county councils of the Alt and Baix Empordà regions and a group of producers to personalise and recognise local Empordà products and to help to promote the commercialisation and sale of these products from the...
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Gastronomic trade fairs and activities and weekly markets
Enjoy the trade fairs and gastronomic activities of the Baix Empordà region and buy local products at ecological or weekly markets. 1. La Sopa de Verges (Soup in Verges) (Tuesday of Carnival week) The Soup is a throwback to an ancestral custom when the old feudal lords gave the population food. It is...
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Wine Tourism and Guided Tours
WINE TOURISM The Baix Empordà region offers two kinds of wine tourism: Empordà Denomination of Origin wines and farmers’ wines. Both kinds organise guided trips to be able to discover how the wine is processed and all its essence. Discover them! DO Empordà wine Top-quality wine. The main red...
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